Wood Oaks Science Fair students Fare Well in Regionals



Congratulations to our Wood Oaks students who competed in the Region 6 Science Fair on Saturday at Niles North High School.


The following is a synopsis of their accomplishments:

  • Lucy T. received Best in Category for biochemistry
  • Azeem N. won Best in Category for botany
  • Mark G. received Best in Category for chemistry
  • Justin H. received the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize from the Water Environment Federation - Young Water Scientists Certificate
  • Aya S. received an award from the Iota Sigma Pi, National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry - Hoylande Young Failey Award Certificate of Achievement
  • Nick I. received the Naval Science Award from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps
  • Yoel G., Justin H. and Azeem N. are eligible to compete in the Broadcam Master’s competition.

In addition, all nine of our students earned a gold award, and 8 of the 9 students who participated are qualified for state competition on May 6th at Northern Illinois University.

Special thanks to Mr. Edmonds and Mr. Iliff for their work with the students.