Northbrook School District 27

Registration Forms

District Services Program (PDF) - This form is for families who qualify for a full waiver of fees or a reduced percentage of fees.

2019-2020 Fees Form (PDF) -  Please complete one form per student and mail the form(s) to 1250 Sanders Road, Northbrook, Il. 60062- Attn: School Fees. Fees can be combined for check writing purposes. 

*2020-2021 Fees Form will be posted in late spring of 2020.

Proof Of Residency (PDF) - This document will show you what you can upload or send to the front office to prove residency.

Residency Attestation Form (PDF)

Home Language Survey (PDF)

2019-2020 First Student Transportation Form (PDF) - New!  Please mail the form directly to First Student, as First Student will not be mailing information out to parents this year. First Student is located at 2800 Old Willow Road, Northbrook, IL. 60062

*2020-2021 First Student Transportation Form will be posted in late spring of 2020.

Making a Payment for the First Time (PDF)

Vision Exam (PDF) - Kindergarten and New Students Only- Please return to your child’s school office 

Proof of School Dental Examination Form (PDF) - Grades KG, 2, and 6th- Please return to your child’s school office 

Certificate of Child Health Examination Form (PDF) - Grades KG and 6th- Due on August 18th. Parents can either mail or drop off the form anytime after August 12th at your child's school. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL OR DROP OFF HEALTH FORMS PRIOR TO AUGUST 12, because schools will not be open to accept them. Exam must be within one year of entering these grades- 

Extra Curricular Sports Activities at Wood Oaks (PDF) - Certificate of Child’s Health Examination Form- Please return to your child’s school office. All students who will be participating in any interscholastic sport are required to have a sports physical exam. The physical exam is good for only one year from the date of the exam and must be on file in the nurse's office prior to the first sports clinic or tryout. 

Medication Administration/Self Administration Consent Form (PDF) - For any child who takes medication at school, either prescription or over the counter medication (Tylenol, cough medicine, etc). Each medication requires a separate consent form. Must be done yearly.

Wood Oaks Junior High Activity Bus Form- 2019-2020 (PDF) - Please return to the Administration Center- 1250 Sanders Road 

*2020-2021 Wood Oaks Junior High Activity Bus Form will be posted in late spring of 2020.

Low Cost Supplemental Student Insurance (PDF)