Online Registration FAQ

Northbrook School District 27 has implemented online registration for the convenience of our parents and our staff. If you are experiencing difficulty with the online registration system, please contact James at or Mrs. Yanaga at

How can I access online registration?

If you are a current parent/guardian, you can access the online registration system - when registration is open - through the Portal. (Need an account? email James at Please note that you cannot register through the Portal app - you must submit the website version. If you are not a current parent/guardian, you can register a new student anytime by clicking New Student Registration. 

I don't have internet - how can I register?

The online registration system can be used on mobile devices, and the Northbrook Public Library has internet-enabled computers. If you aren’t able to access the online registration using one of these methods, you can stop into one of the school's front offices during the school year or the District office during the summer. 

I have multiple students in the district. Can I register them at the same time?

Yes! Our system is set up so that families are connected and you do not have to enter certain information, such as your address, multiple times.

Can I save my progress and come back to the registration later?

Absolutely! If you are a current parent/guardian, you can just log back in through the Portal. If you are new to our district, or are using a kiosk, you will need to have your confirmation number to continue your registration.

I clicked and nothing came up.

The online registration uses a pop-up window. Below are the steps for each of the different internet browsers.

  • Chrome (recommended for online registration and free to install): In the address bar, click on Pop-up Blocked, and then click the link that displays for online registration.
  • Firefox (recommended for online registration and free to install): At the top of the page, in the box that says "Firefox prevented this site from opening 1 pop-up window," click on the Preferences button, and then click on the bottom option, Show.
  • Safari (not recommended): Before you begin online registration, go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences. Click Security and then uncheck the box for Block pop-up windows. You can close the Preferences window and continue to online registration.
  • Internet Explorer (not recommended): Go to the online registration website, but before you get started, highlight the entire web address for online registration, then right-click on it and choose Copy. Next, go to the Tools menu (the gear icon in the far right corner), select Internet Options and click on the Privacy tab. Under Pop-up Blocker, click Settings, then right-click in the Address of the website to allow, and choose Paste. Click Add, then close the settings boxes and continue to online registration.

What is a student primary household?

This is the primary contact information for the household at which the student resides 51% or more of the time. You will have an opportunity to include an alternate mailing address or a secondary household in later steps.

What are the rules for parents/guardians?

Parent/Guardians listed for each student must be that student’s legal guardian. Proof of guardianship includes: parent’s name on official birth certificate, adoption paperwork, legal guardianship paperwork. Parents who are not legal guardians (including step-parents who have not adopted the student) can still be listed but will not have guardianship access to student records.

What is an emergency contact?

In AN EMERGENCY, if the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, we will call one of the following Emergency Contacts listed. Proper identification will be required before a student is released to emergency contacts. Contacts should be able to pick up student within 30 minutes. 

Why is the system asking for other people in the household?

Please include all people in your household. This data is used when processing applications for free and reduced lunch.  We also use this to help plan for incoming students.