Northbrook School District 27

Shabonee PTA

Executive Board 2019-2020:

Co-Presidents: Dara Owen and Rivka Daar
Vice President: Beth Sattler
Treasurer: Audrey Nicoll
Secretary: Adrienne Felder-Mittelman

Join the Shabonee PTA Committees for 2019-2020:
Shabonee PTA By-Laws:

Dear parents,

By now, you should have received your child’s personalized order form and stickers from Square 1 Art. We hope you are excited about your child’s artwork as much as they are!

 It’s not too late to order your child’s keepsake art. The order deadline is quickly approaching. Act now to receive *free shipping, which is only available during the fundraiser sale.

 Two Easy Ways to Order:

  1. Online:
  2. Phone: 888-332-3294

Remember, your child’s access code is located on their catalog.  IF you need the access code - please call Square 1 Art or you can email Emily at

 *All orders ship to the school.

 Together, we can help support the school, build your child’s self-esteem and create lasting keepsakes from your child’s artistic achievements.

Hi Shabonee Parents!

  • Don’t forget to ORDER your Shabonee yearbook!  
  • Optional 2 custom pages due Apr. 3rd
    • NEW - Students can now virtually sign each other’s yearbooks with signature notes!!
    • Parents NEED to ADD these signature notes to their CUSTOM PAGES.

Here's how this works-

Log into your account-- (your student should find this easy to learn)  

  • Go to "SIGNATURES"(on left side- under the Shabonee School)  
  • Click "Send" a signature note

type first 3 letters of student's first name of whom you want to send

then click on name

Create note & add sticker or photo if wanted

Click Send

If you have already filled this custom page section, custom pages are only $0.99 for each additional 2 pages.

These optional signature notes that are received can be found under “Signatures Received”.

To add to your student’s yearbook: 

  • go to your custom page section
  • Click on Signatures (right side column)  
  • You can drag the Signature Note to your page.  

If you have questions, please contact Treering support at 

or call 877-755-8733.

Hope the kids have fun with this!!  Parents, please click PRINT READY when your custom pages are complete.  Deadline is April 3rd.  Order by this date to guarantee free shipping! 

Have a great spring break!!  

Debbie Kamensky

PTA Yearbook Chair