HP PTA "Bench" Mark Dinner

Supporting Hickory Point
"Bench" Mark Dinner
Never Tasted so Good

Have you ever been to the Hickory Point playground watching your kids and wanted to sit down?  Many of the parents feel this way so the PTA is having the "Bench"mark fundraising drive to add 4 benches to our playground. 

We have planned 2 different fundraisers to raise the $4,000 that is needed for the benches:

  1. Discount Cards
  2. Dinners at Go Roma

The discount card proudly promotes local businesses (most in Northbrook) and gives the owner of the card discounts at these stores. The discount cards are only $5 and great gift -- just in time for the holidays.

For three Thursday nights, Go Roma is giving 20% of your total dining (lunch, dinner and take out) back to the “Bench”mark fund. To make this more fun for the kids, one of the Thursdays will be for each grade and whichever grade earns the most money for the “Bench"mark fund from these dinners will win a surprise dress up day at school.

We hope that everyone will be able to participate in one or both of these programs, but if you are not interested and want to help you can make a donation directly to the “Bench"mark fund.

Click below for the flyer you wish to print: