Hot Lunch Information


 Please read to the end as you will receive important information!

Lunch Solutions is very happy to be managing your school’s PTA Hot Lunch program this year. My name is Robin Bear and I am a former D27 parent, Grove & Wood Oaks PTA President and Hot Lunch Chair for 10 years in the district! I am excited to be back working with Hickory Point and helping to fundraise more funds for the PTA, while serving your children fresh lunches delivered only minutes before lunch starts. And, your payments will go directly into your PTA’s bank account!

We are excited to be collaborating with many different vendors and offering many new menu choices, along with those your children have come to love over the years. Each lunch will have a Gluten Free and Vegetarian option available and lunch will be served Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

You will notice below that ordering will now be offered on a monthly basis with closing the 25th. Please know that if you need any changes you just need to send me a quick e-mail and I will be more than happy to help you. Flexibility is important as things change in our daily lives!

  • Ordering will be done on a monthly or semester basis. You choose what is best for you.
  • The cut off will be midnight on the 25th of the month before.
  • Ordering will open August 17th thru midnight August 24th for August and September as lunch will begin on the 27th.
  • You can order as little or as much as you would like. We want your child to enjoy Lunch!
  • Make sure your e-mail (login) is accurate at sign in so you will receive Hot Lunch reminders and updates throughout the year.
  • Changes/cancellations of orders are always possible, if needed, with 48-hour notice Please!

How do I sign up? - Account Sign-Up and Instructions:

  1. Log in to: 
    Don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy access again! 
  2. After accessing the Lunch Solutions Home Page, click on login on the upper right corner.
  3. Go to “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” Enter User (Email) and Password of your choice. If you have students in multiple schools you can use the same user/password for each school.
  4. On the Member Profile Page, enter your information under the STUDENT SECTION. Lunches
    will be labeled and served alphabetically by last name so please be aware of first and last name entry!
  5. This is the section which allows ordering. Please make sure you enter your students GRADE LEVEL and TEACHER as lunches will be served accordingly. Without this information we cannot guarantee correct delivery. 
screenshot of lunch order process

6. From the Special Lunch drop-down tab (upper left corner), choose Ordering/View Orders
7. Your students name should be on the screen. Then choose start shopping. 

Hot lunch information box for letter

8. Add items to your shopping cart by clicking on the entrée you would like to order from the calendar. You can choose as many days to order as you like through December or order before the 25th of each month.
Please note: the 1st ordering deadline will be midnight August 24th as lunch starts on the 27th.

9. When you are finished choosing lunch items, hit Review Cart and follow the prompts for payment.

10. Click Place order and check out with a credit card (there is a 3% service fee) or by   check. (PLEASE- Put your check in an envelope marked HOT LUNCH. It can be placed in the PTA-LUNCH box in the office and must be received within 1 week of ordering.

11. Print your order for reference, download it in to your calendar (under the ordering/View    Orders tab) or log in later to view your serving dates. 

12. Your order/s will appear on the screen under the Ordering/View Orders screen.

Please sign up to volunteer to help serve lunches, your support is what makes your organization strong. Just click on to the VOLUNTEER TAB to sign up. It’s easy and fun!!
There will be a coordinator in the Lunch room who will be overseeing everything, so there is NO PRESSURE ON YOU!
If you have any questions about the menu items or technical support don’t hesitate to contact Robin Bear at: