Northbrook Community Notice

This information is being made available on our website as a public service to alert the community to this activity that has occurred in several other jurisdictions during the last couple of weeks.  This activity according to Northbrook Police has currently been confined to drive-up ATM's and has been occurring after 9pm in the evening.          


 A Community Notice from the Northbrook Police Department 



Attempted Armed Robbery at Northbrook Chase Bank ATM


The Northbrook Police Department reported an attempted armed robbery at the Chase Bank, Dundee and Pfingsten, drive-thru ATM at approximately 9:45pm on September 23.

The victim indicated he was approached by an offender with a gun, while he was attempting to withdraw money from the drive-thru ATM. The suspect opened the vehicle door and pointed a handgun in the direction of the victims inside the vehicle, in an apparent robbery attempt. The victim was able to place his vehicle in drive and exit the drive-thru without incident. The victim drove to a nearby location and contacted Northbrook 911.


Officers responded to the bank but the offender(s) had fled prior to police arrival. The incident is currently under investigation. Several other jurisdictions have experienced similar incidents within the last couple of weeks, which have been taking place between 9:00pm -11:00pm.


Residents are reminded to exercise caution when using ATMs, especially during evening hours and to keep your vehicle secured with all doors locked and to be aware of any subject(s) approaching while using an ATM.


Suspect Information:

· Male Black, approximately 5’08- 5’10 in height (possibly 2 offenders)

· 180 lbs

· Unknown age (possibly in his 20s)

· No marks or tattoos visible

· Short black hair

· Brown Eyes

· Wearing dark clothing (with no logos or writing) and a black bandana with white markings covering his face from the nose down