Frequently Asked Questions


  • Online Registration

    • How To Begin the Registration Process

      To begin the registratio process you will  need to sign the Parent Portal

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  • About the Board of Education

    • What is the Board of Education?


      The District 27 Board of Education is made up of seven elected representatives who live within the District boundaries. Members serve four-year terms.

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    • What is the role of a school board?


      Since the responsibility of educating children rests on the state level, control over how local schools are run falls to the local school board. The school board represents the citizens of the school district and provides a voice for their concerns.

      The main job of the school board is to employ a superintendent and to hold him/her responsible for managing the school district in accordance with state law and school policies. In a way, the superintendent acts as the school district's Chief Executive Officer. The superintendent is evaluated on an annual basis to determine whether he/she has met the district's goals and expectations.

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    • How does a school board operate?


      A school board can take action only by a majority vote in a public meeting. The meetings are open to the public, but comments are taken only during the "public comment" portion of the meeting.

      During the meeting, the school board transacts the legal business of the school district.

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    • How can I participate?


      District 27 actively seeks a community voice in its operation. One of the key ways community members can connect with the Board of Education and Administration is speaking at regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings. Each month the Board of Education holds a regular meeting and community members are can express their views on subjects related to the operation of the school system at each. Board meetings are typically held at 7:30 p.m. at Wood Oaks Junior High School, 1250 Sanders Road in the Commons.

      A second vehicle for public participation is attendance at Board Working Sessions and Board Committee Meetings. These sessions are held each month and are designed for the Board to gather information on programs and initiatives and discuss them in depth. It is at these meetings that much of the intensive work is done in preparation for Board action at a subsequent regular meeting. The public is welcome to come and listen to the presentations and dialogue at these sessions and is given the opportunity to address the Board on these topics. Board Working Sessions are typically held the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Wood Oaks Junior High School in the library. Committee Meetings are posted at each building and on the website as they are scheduled.

      A third way for community members to have a voice is through special public hearings on specific issues, such as the budget, tax levy, school programs, and the like. During the public hearing, School Board members focus on listening to the views of our community members and then take this information into consideration as they complete their work and develop a direction to take.

      As always, community members are free to call the Administration (see staff directory) or to send an email to the Administration or Board of Education Members (see Board of Education link for email addresses.)

      We welcome your views and insights as they help us to make informed decisions.

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  • Rohrabaugh Foundation

    • What is the Rohrabaugh Scholarship Fund?


      The Rohrabaugh Scholarship Fund was created to honor Dr. James L. Rohrabaugh’s 23 years of service to the Northbrook, Illinois, community at large as well as his 23 years of service as Superintendent of Schools in District 27. The scholarship fund is a fitting tribute to a man who has dedicated his career to the education of the young people of the community.

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    • Who is eligible to apply and receive a scholarship?


      Senior students at Glenbrook North High School who graduated from Wood Oaks Junior High School are eligible to apply for the scholarship.


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    • What are the criteria for the scholarship?


      The scholarship is a competitive one requiring the student to submit an application. Each award is based upon the applicant’s citizenship, scholarship and need. In January of each year, senior students can pick up an application at GBN and submit it for consideration by the deadline indicated. The scholarships are awarded at the annual GBN Awards Assembly in May.

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  • All about FOIAs

    • What is FOIA?

      FOIA is the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140), records in possession of public agencies may be accessed by the public upon written request. Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140, Section 2(c), a public record is any records, reports, forms, writings, letters, memoranda, books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, electronic data processing records, recorded information and all other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, having been prepared, or having been or being used, received, possessed or under the control of any public body. Records that are not subject to release via the FOIA process include confidential and trade secret information.

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    • How do I submit a FOIA request?

      Requests must be submitted in writing and can be:

      Faxed to: 847-498-5916
      E-mailed to:

      Or mailed to:
      Dr. Theresa Fournier,
      Asst. Supt. for Personnel and Student Services
      Northbrook School District 27
      1250 Sanders Rd
      Northbrook, IL  60062

      Letters should state that information is being sought under the Freedom of Information Act. Provide a brief description of the public records requested, being as specific as possible. Please provide a mailing address.

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    • Will I be charged any fees?

      The fees for duplication of requested documents are as follows:

      • 50 pages or less – no fee
      • Over 50 pages - $ .15 per page
      • Copy of audio or Video material – cost of tape or disk

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