Emergency Preparedness

In the unfortunate event that an emergency situation should arise in our area during the school day, Northbrook School District 27 is prepared. We have a well-developed Emergency Preparedness Plan and have procedures in place to respond effectively to such situations. Should an emergency situation ever occur, we would need your cooperation and assistance. Specifically, we ask that you follow the guidelines below: 

  • Do not telephone the school or District Office. Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.
  • Check the District 27 website and/or the District 27 Facebook page for information and instructions on how to reunite with your child. In some serious emergency situations, students may be relocated to another facility for their safety.
  • Northbrook School District 27 will also send information through the School Messenger System, the District's emergency notification system. 
  • Students will only be released to parents, legal guardians, and authorized individuals listed on the school emergency contact list, who are in possession of a valid government issued photo identification. Please review with your child, the names of those individuals who are listed as emergency contacts.

While every person's natural instinct in an emergency is to go to the school to safeguard his/her child, please understand that doing so may significantly impede that school's ability to respond to the situation. Parents driving to the school would severely restrict emergency personnel's ability to access the building and give care to the students or evacuate them from the site. We ask that you trust in the preparedness of the school staff and community first responders to swiftly and effectively handle the emergency.

We ask for complete parent cooperation with the reunification process. It is a thorough process that ensures your children are safe and reunited with you. It will also take some time to release students to parents/guardians, but we will keep them safe until you are reunited.