Northbrook School District 27


Superintendent Weekly Message: September 4, 2020


Dear District 27 Parents,

We are thrilled to have completed our second week of school! It has been so great to see our students wearing their masks, following safety procedures, and most importantly being happy. Whether your child is attending school in our buildings or remotely, we are thankful to have them back. 

No School – Monday, September 7
There will not be school on Monday, September 7 due to Labor Day. School will resume on Tuesday, September 8 as a B Day. Please be sure to reference the A/B Calendar

Curriculum Nights
As a result of the times, we cannot hold our traditional Curriculum Nights in our school buildings. Therefore, our teachers will post a video on Canvas presenting the information that they would have loved to share with you face-to-face. This video will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about your child’s educational program this year. You may view the video at your convenience. The teachers are excited to share with you an overview of the curriculum and the year!

The schedule for Curriculum Night video postings is as follows:

  • Hickory Point: Tuesday, September 8

  • Shabonee: Wednesday, September 9 

  • Wood Oaks: Monday, September 14

The videos will be posted at 6:30 p.m. on the dates listed above. They will remain posted throughout the month of September. Instructions for accessing Curriculum Night videos can be found here. Please note that each teacher will be posting a video to their Canvas Announcements page. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conferences are right around the corner. We know that both parents and the teachers are eager to connect face-to-face, to share how the students are learning in this new environment. The Parent/Teacher Conferences will be conducted in October via live Zoom sessions. Sign-up information will be available soon. This will be an opportunity to ask more specific questions of your child’s teacher(s).

Student Absences Related to COVID
If one of your children displays a symptom of COVID-19 or requires quarantine, we ask that the child stay home from school along with all of the siblings until:

  • there is medical documentation of an alternative diagnosis as the reason for the symptoms; or 

  • there is documentation of a negative COVID-19 test and they are symptom-free; or 

  • they have stayed home for 10 days since the onset of symptoms

The most important thing to remember is that you should contact the school office if your child is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or requires quarantine. The school office will get you in touch with the District nurse who will advise next steps for your family. The entire family can participate in remote instruction during this time. 

Furthermore, we have learned today that the Illinois Department of Public Health will be releasing new guidance for schools regarding management of symptomatic individuals. This new guidance is anticipated next week. Once we receive the guidance and have a chance to review it, we will then create a list of scenarios you may encounter this school year, such as onset of symptoms, allergies or a sibling who requires quarantine.

Reporting Absences/Changes in Attendance for the Day 
If your child is not having a typical attendance day, in-person or remote, you should go to the Absence Request tool in Campus Parent. We have a number of scenarios that would apply to your situation for the day (as noted below). Once you log into Campus Parent, also known as Parent Portal, click “More” on the left. Then, click “Absence Request.”  After you access the Parent Portal, we ask that you select the option that best matches your child’s situation for that particular day:

  • Student Should Be In-Person Today:
    1. Illness/COVID-like Symptoms - Not Participating in School
    2. Illness/COVID-like Symptoms but Participating Remotely
    3. Medical not related to COVID - Not Participating in School
    4. Medical not related to COVID but Participating Remotely
    5. Quarantining but Participating Remotely

  • Student Should Be Attending School Remotely Today:
    6. Illness/COVID-like Symptoms - Not Participating in School
    7. Medical not related to COVID - Not Participating in School

  • For Any Student:
    8. Family Vacation
    9. Bereavement
    10. Doctor Appointment 

If your child should be attending school in person but is attending remotely, your child will be marked present for the day. 

Thank you again for your continued support and collaboration. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to another successful week!


Dave Kroeze, PhD. 
Superintendent of Schools