SHIELD Testing Update: November 1, 2021

Dear District 27 Community,

Thank you once again for your patience and support as we get SHIELD Testing up and running district-wide. Our SHIELD partner, Passport Health, is doing site visits this week to begin implementation at Hickory Point and Wood Oaks. Our testing schedule is as follows:

  • Hickory Point: Weekly testing every Friday beginning Friday, November 5.

  • Shabonee: Continue testing twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 28 days due to the classroom outbreaks. The next test will be tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2.

  • Wood Oaks: Weekly testing every Wednesday beginning Wednesday, November 10.

We will be sure to notify parents and staff should we be able to begin testing sooner than the dates listed above. As a reminder, per SHIELD requirements, we are only able to test unvaccinated persons at this time (with the exception of the 28-day testing period at Shabonee that allows for testing vaccinated persons as well).

What Testing Will Look Like
The SHIELD test is a highly accurate PCR test that requires only a small amount of saliva from an individual and provides results within 24 hours. This video shows what testing will look like

Test Results
As we are initially getting started, parents and staff will be notified of positive test results with a phone call from the school nurse. We will be making phone calls for positive results only. Soon after this initial launch period, we will distribute SHIELD login information for parents and staff to view individual test results.

Testing has been running very smoothly at Shabonee. We look forward to a successful expansion of this program!


District 27 Administration