Northbrook School District 27


Parent Message - October 8, 2020


Dear District 27 Parents,

I hope you and your families are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Below are a few updates/reminders that will help us keep this school year running safely and smoothly as we head into this next season.

Opportunity for fully remote students to resume in-person instruction

Families who enrolled their children in fully remote instruction at the beginning of this school year will be receiving a notice today seeking information on which students would like to begin attending school in-person. Those who seek re-entry will be expected to attend school in-person, full-time (K-1) or on their assigned A/B Day (Grades 2-8) starting Monday, November 2. We expect to send out similar notices for re-entry around mid-January (to begin school February 1) and mid-March (to begin school April 12). All fully remote students who are interested in coming back will be accepted. There is enough space to have them return safely. If your children are currently enrolled as fully remote, please keep an eye out for that re-entry email today.

Travel guidance and learning accommodations

We have received a number of inquiries regarding out-of-state travel and vacationing while school is in session. It is crucial that everyone in our community acts responsibly in regard to such travel. If we continue to act responsibly, the safer we will be, and therefore the safer our schools will be. The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) has a detailed FAQ resource regarding its Travel Quarantine Guidance. Please familiarize yourself with this document if you plan to travel. 

We urge you to use good judgment if you plan to travel during the holiday season or at all throughout this school year. If your family is traveling to a high incidence state, as outlined by the CCDPH and updated weekly, your children will be required to quarantine from school for 14 days upon their return home. They must be moved to remote learning for that period of time, as part of our daily self-certification questionnaire references such travel. This is a matter we take very seriously because our ability to keep the schools open for in-person instruction and prevent the spread of COVID-19 depends heavily on the strong, unified efforts of all individuals and district families.

In addition, parents have asked if their children can attend school remotely if traveling or vacationing while school is in session. As you know, school code requires students to be in attendance the entire time school is in session and not absent except for specific reasons. A valid cause for absence includes illness, observance of a religious holiday, death in the immediate family, family emergency, other situations beyond the control of the student, etc. The school code does not view vacationing as an excused absence. With that said, we permit remote learning; however, this situation does have its complications. We believe that moving back and forth from classroom learning to remote learning (e.g. 7 or more days) greatly disrupts the student learning and teaching environment, and we would discourage this practice. Keeping a regular hybrid schedule is important for your child and classroom stability. Due to the great demands of implementing a hybrid, synchronous teaching model, we unfortunately cannot grant special accommodations such as work packets for students who will be vacationing. This would be an additional burden on our staff that would be too difficult to achieve. 

Thank you for partnership and support as we continue to navigate this school year. 

Dave Kroeze, PhD
Superintendent of Schools