Northbrook School District 27


Parent Message - August 26, 2020


Dear District 27 Parents,

We have just completed our first day of hybrid, remote learning. Students and teachers are implementing many new resources that will, over time, fall into clear routines and daily practices. Parents of remote learners will likely need to spend time with their child helping them to navigate the day, connect to Zoom, and complete their school work. We cannot expect our remote learners to be connected with their in-person classroom for the entirety of the school day. Please expect intermittent breaks. We realize issues arise at home and in the classroom, where students may need to take a break or we may experience technical difficulties.

In addition, below are some key reminders that will help this unique school year run as smoothly as possible:

Health Certification

Every student needs to be health certified prior to arriving at school in the morning. Parents must fill out the mandatory self-certification form for their child prior to sending them to school each day. Please include this in your family’s morning routine. Upon arrival at school, staff will scan every student’s ID to confirm they have already been certified and then take their temperature via touchless technology prior to admitting them into the school. 

A/B Schedule

A/B days will vary since there are an odd number of days in every week. For instance, tomorrow (Aug. 27) and Friday (Aug. 28) are both B days. Be sure to refer to the A/B Calendar when planning your family’s weekly schedule. 


  • Students need to use their District-issued Chromebook, as it is configured with the specific learning tools that teachers are implementing in the classroom. Using a personal device will likely result in a more challenging experience with some apps not working at all. 

  • It is imperative that children use their first and last name to sign into Zoom. This allows the teacher to take attendance. Please check your child’s display name. If it is not their first and last name, we ask that you submit a technology support request to get it corrected as soon as possible. 

  • Every student should have received a blue stylus as a gift from the PTA. This tool will allow them to complete assignments digitally, without a pen and paper. If your child did not receive a stylus, please submit a technology support request. Purchasing extra styluses as backup is also encouraged since these tools will frequently travel between school and home.

  • Chromebooks should be charged nightly to ensure students do not experience battery issues when starting school each morning.

  • Submitting a technology support request is the most efficient and effective way to receive technology assistance. A full support team is monitoring this form throughout the day. Phone calls and voicemails will not be addressed as quickly as inquiries submitted online.

Thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and collaboration as we are halfway through the first week of school. It has been an absolute joy to have our students back in class. 



Dave Kroeze, PhD.
Superintendent of Schools