Rohrabaugh Foundation

Dr. Rohrabaugh

The Rohrabaugh Scholarship Fund was created to honor Dr. James L. Rohrabaugh’s 23 years of service to the Northbrook, Illinois, community at large as well as his 23 years of service as Superintendent of Schools in District 27. The scholarship fund is a fitting tribute to a man who has dedicated his career to the education of the young people of the community.

Eligibility: Senior students at Glenbrook North High School who graduated from Wood Oaks Junior High School are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Criteria: The scholarship is a competitive one requiring the student to submit an application. Each award is based upon the applicant’s citizenship, scholarship and need. In January of each year, senior students can pick up an application at GBN and submit it for consideration by the deadline indicated. The scholarships are awarded at the annual GBN Awards Assembly in May.

Scholarship Recipients

2018 ($1,000 each)

Benjamin Boeke
Ari Bosse
Ellis Cho
John Garibaldi
Arielle Greenberg
Benjamin Jutzi
Samantha Kelly
Jack Kussman
Antonio Salto
Amanda Simon
Allison Torf
Lily West
Catherine Zhang

2017 ($1,000 each)

Katherine Brownlee
Daniel Gros
Zoe Engels
Jonah Jacobs
Hailey Koretz
Alana Levin
Rechel Levin
Chloe Meier
Tyler Nadig
Emma Vickery

2016 ($2,000 each)

Audrey Christopher
Daphne Kramer
Alec Mawrence
Michael McFarland
Amber Olson
Victoria Tu



2013 ($1,500 each)

Daniel Amram
Rebecca Elowe
Alexandra Gross
Patricia Hare
Joshua Tolmatsky

2012 (1,500 each)

Rachel Boroditzky
Brian Callahan
Jordan Cotler
Mitchell Lev
Charles Serota
Stella Tu
Lauren Tzirides

2011 ($1,500 each)

Adam Cohn
Alex Rokni
Jamie Tolmatsky
Bonnie Williamson

2010 ($2,000 each)

Missy Brottman
Nathan Flanagan-Frankl
Lucy Harig
Joel Hensel

2009 ($2,000 each)

Samantha Hopkins
Sara Kim
Michelle Lee
Caryn Rubanovich

2008 ($2,000 each)

Adam Goldblatt
Brandon Goldblatt
Kelly Manso
Caitlin Young