Rohrabaugh Foundation

Dr. Rohrabaugh

The Rohrabaugh Scholarship Fund was created to honor Dr. James L. Rohrabaugh’s 23 years of service to the Northbrook, Illinois, community at large as well as his 23 years of service as Superintendent of Schools in District 27. The scholarship fund is a fitting tribute to a man who has dedicated his career to the education of the young people of the community.

Eligibility: Senior students at Glenbrook North High School who graduated from Wood Oaks Junior High School are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Criteria: The scholarship is a competitive one requiring the student to submit an application. Each award is based upon the applicant’s citizenship, scholarship and need. In January of each year, senior students can pick up an application at GBN and submit it for consideration by the deadline indicated. The scholarships are awarded at the annual GBN Awards Assembly in May.

Scholarship Recipients


Each student listed below received a $1,100 scholarship.

Jada Glazebrook
Emily Gottlieb
Jordyn Jacobs
Jeremy Lim
Jada Pedersen
Steven Rhee
Jack Sloan
David Stolyarov
Alexandra Tarter
Sydney Traub
Yi-Yun Wu
Daniel Xiang


Each student listed below received a $1,100 scholarship.

Hannah Dalinka
Nathan Gott
Molli Hertzberg
Jade Huang
Daniel Ibrahim
Ashley Lebovitz
Elyse Malamud
Kyle Pambah
Gianna Stathopoulos
Sarah Wan
David Youssef
Kristin Yun


Each student listed below received a $1,000 scholarship.

Daniel Bruns
Christine Kwon
Jenna Amusin
Rachel Cha
Tali Slutsky
Avery Melam
Pavithra Porayath
Colin Potrue
Alexandra Stolyarov
Vidhata Jayaraman
Zachary Lofman
Ella Rubenstein
Ann Slivken


Each student listed below received a $1,000 scholarship.

Rachel Boecke
Sarah Boecke
Amy Cheng
Hannah Foster
Mark Glinberg
Lily Kussman
Haley Sandlow
Natalie Sandlow
David Schaffer
Ethan Seo
Lucy Traub