The IEP Process

The Domain Meeting

At the domain meeting, the following areas of functioning (domains) within the school setting will be reviewed:

Academic Performance, Functional Performance, Cognitive, Communication, Health, Hearing/Vision, Motor, Social/Emotional.

In each domain, staff will share what information we already know and determine additional information that needs to be collected to identify the need for appropriate supports and services. There will also be information regarding which staff members will be gathering this additional information.
Click on the link for further details regarding the Domain Meeting (PDF).

The Evaluation Meeting

An evaluation/IEP meeting takes place after your child has had a case study evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation/IEP meeting is to report on the information that was gathered as part of the case study evaluation. At this meeting, a determination regarding eligibility will be discussed and an appropriate plan for support will be completed if indicated.

Click on the link for further details regarding the Evaluation Meeting (PDF).

The Annual Review Meeting

An annual review meeting is an IEP meeting that takes place each year at the anniversary date of the IEP. The purpose of the annual review meeting is to review goals, accommodations and services and make any necessary changes for the upcoming IEP year.  

Click on the link for further details regarding the Annual Review Meeting (PDF).