Finance and Operations

The Department of Finance & Operations is committed to fiscal responsibility and the integrity and transparency of financial management and reporting; in addition to maintaining state of the art school facilities. The Department's two key success factors of maintaining a "Healthy Financial Position" and providing a "Safe, Caring, Supportive Environment" are our priorities, thereby allowing for the continued excellence in programs and services provided to the students.

Maintining facilities that provide an optimal learning evironment for the students is a priority for District 27. Since 1998 the District has embarked on a series of renovation/addition projects to upgrade the District 27 school facilities; reinvesting fund balance reserve back into the school buildings in order to create and maintain the state of the art facilities that exist today for the students, staff and community. Additional information on the Northbrook School District 27 school buildings:

We are also committed to long-term strategic planning for all operations, long-term financial planning, and long-term cost containment efforts in order to maintain financial solvency. We have taken this approach in managing the District's financial and facilities operations in order to be both fiscally responsible and reasonable with tax payer dollars.

The Department of Finance & Operations is responsible for all aspects of the following operations:

  • Financial Management.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Emergency Preparedness.
  • Transportation.
  • Payroll.
  • Benefits.
  • Accounts Payable.

Department Performance Report

The Department of Finance & Operations report is submitted on a semi-annual basis to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools. The report is submitted to inform the Superintendent on the progress of strategic goals and objectives for the Department as well as updates on key compliance measures, key performance indicators and key improvement projects.

The Department of Finance & Operations in Review - January 2018 (PDF)

The Department of Finance & Operations in Review - July 2018 (PDF)


Asst. Supt. forĀ Finance andĀ Operations
Photo of Kimberly Arakelian, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations

Kimberly Arakelian, Ed.D., CSBO

(847) 498-2610, ext. 5117

Director of Facilities

Photo of Douglas Heurich, Director of Facilities

Douglas Heurich, CFM

(847) 498-2610, ext. 5128

Department Staff

Marianne Schachte
Admin. Asst. for Bus. Services
(847) 498-2610, ext. 5135
Chris Grinis
Admin. Asst. for Bus. Services
(847) 498-2610, ext. 5123
Mary Shipley
Admin. Asst. for Bus. Services
(847) 498-2610, ext. 5124