Transfer Students to District 27

Students new to District 27 who were formally identified as gifted/advanced in the previous district must provide documentation acknowledging that the student was a participant in such a program. Test scores used to determine such placement must be provided.  These test results must not be more than two years old, and nationally normed ability and/or achievement tests must have been utilized. District 27 may review but may not honor assessments conducted outside of a school environment, such as that conducted by a private counselor or psychologist. 

If the data collected is sufficient to determine that the qualifications for and rigor of the educational program in the previous district is equal to District 27, ELP placement will be offered. If data is insufficient, District 27 may administer additional assessments with our school psychologist and/or enroll the student in the regular education program and monitor the student's academic needs for a specified period of time.