Extended Learning Program

Rob McElligott, Principal at Wood Oaks
Rob McElligott, Ed.D.
Director of Human Resources and Student Services
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Northbrook District 27 embraces a mission to provide every learner with opportunities to grow to full academic potential. The District’s rigorous and coherent curriculum in all core academic areas meets the needs of most students. However, a small percentage of students have unique and exceptional needs and abilities that necessitate a program qualitatively different from the regular classroom program. Therefore, District 27 provides enhanced services in two distinct programs: English Language Arts and Mathematics. The English Language Arts program, Extended Learning Program (ELP), is designed to meet the needs of students displaying academic strengths in the areas of reading and language arts for students in 4th through 8th grades, and additionally, in social studies for students in Grades 6 through 8. Advanced math placement begins in fifth grade for qualifying students; ELP identification is not a prerequisite for advanced math.

Formal Identification Process for 4th through 8th Grade ELP Placement

All students entering 4th through 8th grades are universally screened for potential placement in the Extended Learning Program. Current year and previous year assessment data are used, and students are given the advantage of the higher scores. The following academic data are analyzed:

Once students are enrolled in the Extended Learning Program, they generally remain in the program for subsequent years. In rare situations, a decision to exit the program may be discerned through a collaborative process between the parents, student, and the administration.