Extended Learning Program


Northbrook District #27 complies with the Accelerated Placement Act (105 ILCS 5/14A) of July 2018. As such, the District believes there are children who have unique and exceptional needs and abilities that necessitate a program qualitatively different from the regular classroom program. While a rigorous curriculum meets the needs of most students, a small percentage of students demonstrate a need for services beyond those provided in the classroom. District 27 provides enriched services in two programs: English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

The English Language Arts program, Extended Learning Program (ELP), is designed to meet the needs of students displaying academic strengths in the areas of reading and language arts for students in 4th through 8th grades, and additionally, in social studies for students in Grades 6 through 8. Advanced math placement begins in fifth grade for qualifying students; ELP identification is not a prerequisite for advanced math. 

Formal Identification Process for 4th through 8th Grade ELP Placement

Updated October 2020

All students entering 4th through 8th grades are universally screened for potential placement in the Extended Learning Program. The following academic data are analyzed:

  • Terra Nova scores in the areas of Vocabulary and Reading: The Terra Nova is a nationally-normed criterion referenced test; scores reflect the child’s local percentile, that is, the child in comparison to his/her Northbrook 27 grade-level peers. 
  • STAR Reading scores: STAR is also a nationally-normed criterion referenced test which is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards. 
  • The Aptitude score from the Test of Cognitive Skills, administered during the Terra Nova testing. It measures a student’s readiness for learning and is not necessarily commensurate with an IQ score.
As a result of this data analysis, some students are invited to take the General Ability Index (GAI) of the WISC-V. The GAI is administered by a School District 27 Psychologist. The GAI contributes to the placement decision. A District 27 school psychologist may administer additional testing to complete the referral process, if any is required.

Beginning in 2020, any student who qualifies for testing based on the screening matrix can be evaluated by a school psychologist a maximum of two times (at least one year apart). In addition, a student who earns a statistically established target score may be placed in ELP without further evaluation. For students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, evaluation is based on the present grade level data. The decision is supported by an analysis of trend data for District 27 ELP students.

Curricula for Gifted Students

Northbrook School District 27 believes in the practice of differentiation for all students. Differentiation is an instructional philosophy and practice that includes modifying the product, the process, the content, and the learning environment based upon student interest, student readiness, and individual student needs.

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