Terra Nova Assessment

Beginning at Grade 2 and continuing through Grade 5, Northbrook District 27 students' academic performance is assessed annually using the Terra Nova Comprehensive Tests and Basic Skills Complete Battery and InView.

The Terra Nova tests are standardized, norm referenced tests used to provide consistent, accurate, and objective information about students' achievement in various areas of the curriculum and in, comparison to the performance of students in a national group. A standardized achievement test is designed to sample the skills and knowledge that students are usually expected to acquire as they progress through the grades. It can then serve as a basis for making inferences about overall achievement in the area measured. However, no standardized test can measure all of the important outcomes of instruction in any given school or school year. The Terra Nova assessment is one component of a comprehensive assessment program that utilizes multiple standardized and informal assessments.

Student performance is reported in the following areas on the Terra Nova:

  • Reading.
  • Language (Grades 3-5)
  • Vocabulary (Grade 2 only)
  • Language Mechanics (Grade 2 only)
  • Mathematics
  • Math Computation (Grade 2 only)

InView measures the skills and abilities most directly related to academic success. A Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) score is derived from five sub-tests that assess the following cognitive areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning - Words
  • Verbal Reasoning - Context
  • Sequences
  • Analogies
  • Quantitative Reasoning

Sample Terra Nova Individual Profile with InView & Score Explanation