Learning Renewal Interim Assessment

The Illinois State Board of Education has provided at no-cost to school districts interim assessments in English Language Arts (primarily in reading) and math. These are online, adaptive assessments that assess students on grade level standards selected by the school district. The assessments are aligned with the Illinois Assessment of Readiness in terms of content and question types. Students will work with a variety of question formats on the LRIA. The assessments take around 45 minutes per subject area. The student performance results allow educators to identify content that has been mastered by students and areas that need additional instruction and/or curricular focus. The assessments are administered in the fall, winter, and spring.

Math Domains Tested on the LRIA:

  • RP = Ratios and Proportions (Grades 6 & 7 only)
  • F = Functions (Grade 8 only)
  • NS = The Number System (Grades 6-8)
  • EE = Expression and Equations (Grades 6-8)
  • G = Geometry (Grades 6-8)
  • SP = Statistics and Probability (Grades 6-8)

Reading Areas Tested on the LRIA:

  • RL = Reading Literature (Grades 6-8)
  • RI = Reading Informational (Grades 6-8)

Sample LRIA Report with Score Explanations