Sample PARCC Questions

For a sampling of the PARCC questions, PARCC’s Sample Items webpage provides several math and ELA questions clustered by grade level bands. 


For a more comprehensive review of PARCC test questions, PARCC’s Practice Tests webpage provides grade level tests for ELA and math. You can view online and paper/pencil versions. Please be aware that we will be using portions of these practice tests with students. Thus, we ask that you do not review them with your child. 


If you choose to take some sample tests, please know that we found some of the test items and ELA passages unnecessarily difficult. For example, the following excerpt is part of one of the passages in the Grade 8 test. As you can see, the passage jumps immediately into a description of how an experiment was designed. Although a previous article within the practice test addresses the experiment, it does not provide enough background information or context for a reader to navigate this technical writing. The procedures are so difficult to understand and visualize that one would normally have diagrams to illustrate the experiment set-up. Unfortunately, diagrams are not present in this passage.




Please be assured that we are NOT using samples like the one above with our students. When using practice tests with students, our goal is to familiarize them with the format of the test and to build their confidence.