Section 6:40

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November 2020


Curriculum Development


The Superintendent shall recommend a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with:

  1. The District’s Mission and Core Values,
  2. Student needs as identified by research, demographics, and student achievement and other relevant data,
  3. The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for students to become life-long learners,
  4. The minimum requirements of State and federal law and regulations for curriculum and graduation requirements.
  5. The Illinois State Learning Standards and any District learning standards, and
  6. Any required State or federal student testing.

The School Board will adopt, upon recommendation of the Superintendent, a curriculum that meets the above criteria.

Experimental Educational Programs and Pilot Projects

The Superintendent may recommend experimental educational programs and/or pilot projects for Board consideration. Proposals must include goals, material needs, anticipated expenses, and an evaluation process. The Superintendent shall submit to the Board periodic progress reports for programs that exceed one year in duration and a final evaluation with recommendation upon the program’s completion.


The Superintendent shall develop a curriculum review program to monitor the current curriculum and promptly suggest changes to make the curriculum more effective, to take advantage of improved teaching methods and materials, and to be responsive to social change, technological developments, student needs, and community expectations. Specifically, District 27 has developed a Research Design and Improvement Model (RDIM) aligned to Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan.

The Superintendent shall report to the Board as appropriate, the curriculum review program’s efforts to:

  1. Regularly evaluate the curriculum and instructional program.
  2. Ensure the curriculum continues to meet the stated adoption criteria.
  3. Coordinate the process for evaluating the instructional program and materials.

Curriculum Documents

Curriculum documents developed by the professional staff under the direction of the superintendent shall be the sole property of the District. No part may be submitted for publication by any staff member, nor claimed as that staff member’s intellectual property.

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  • 105 ILCS 5/10-20.8 and 5/10-19.
  • Section 6:60 (Curriculum Content)
  • Section 6:65 (Student Social and Emotional Development)
  • Section 6:70 (Teaching About Religions)
  • Section 6:80 (Teaching About Controversial Issues)
  • Section 6:100 (Using Animals in the Educational Program)
  • Section 6:110 (Programs for Students At Risk of Academic Failure and/or Dropping Out of School and Graduation Incentives Program)
  • Section 6:120 (Education of Children with Disabilities)
  • Section 6:130 (Program for the Gifted)
  • Section 6:135 (Accelerated Placement Program)
  • Section 6:140 (Education of Homeless Children)
  • Section 6:145 (Migrant Students)
  • Section 6:150 (Home and Hospital Instruction)
  • Section 6:160 (English Learners)
  • Section 6:170 (Title I Programs)
  • Section 6:180 (Extended Instructional Programs)
  • Section 7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities)
  • Section 7:15 (Student and Family Privacy Rights)
  • Internal documents: Research Design and Improvement Model (RDIM), Strategic Plan
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