Section 6:240

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March 2023


Field Trips

Field trips are permissible when the experiences are a part of the school curriculum and/or contribute to the District’s educational objectives.

All field trips must have the Superintendent or designee’s prior approval, except that field trips beyond a 200-mile radius of the school or extending overnight must have the prior approval of the School Board. The Superintendent or designee shall analyze the following factors to determine whether to approve a field trip: educational value, student safety, parent concerns, heightened security alerts, and liability concerns. On all field trips, a bus fee set by the Superintendent or designee may be charged to help defray the transportation costs.

Parents/guardians of students: (1) shall be given the opportunity to consent to their child’s participation in any field trip, and (2) are responsible for all entrance fees, food, lodging, or other costs, except that the District will pay such costs for students who qualify for a fee waiver under Board policy 4:140, Waiver of Student Fees. Any field trip may be cancelled without notice due to an unforeseen event or condition.

Privately arranged trips, including those led or facilitated by District staff members, shall not be represented as or construed to be sponsored by the District or school. The District does not provide liability protection for privately arranged trips and is not responsible for any damages arising from them.

  • Section 4:140 (Waiver of Student Fees)
  • Section 6:10 (Educational Philosophy and Objectives)
  • Section 7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities)
  • Section 7:270 (Administering Medicines to Students)
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