Section 6:235

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June 2021


District 27’s computer and network resources are solely for the use of authorized District 27 students, staff, adult education students and other specifically designated users.

This Policy governs all use of District 27 technologies and technological resources while on or away from District property, including accessing the District 27 network resources via a personally owned device. District 27 technologies and technological resources (including, but not limited to, the District’s school issued computers and access to the Internet through the District’s network) are collectively referred to in this policy as the District’s “Technology Network.”

Note: The forms below aren't editable. Please fill out this online form:

Screenshot of a form for students to fill out for authorization of Internet Access.
Screenshot of a form for Staff Members to fill out for authorization of Internet Access.


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  • Section 7:130 (Student Rights and Responsibilities)
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  • Section 7:310 (Restrictions on Publications; Elementary Schools)
  • Section 7:345 (Use of Educational Technologies; Student Data Privacy and Security)
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