Section 4:170 Addendum 4

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October 2015

Administrative Procedure of for Policy 4:170 Soccer Goal Safety and Education

  1. Purpose of the Document: This administrative procedure is provided to increase awareness of the dangers related to the use of moveable soccer goals both during matches and when goals are not in use. This document will be used for the education of custodial and athletic staff. Additionally, this document provides guidance for the education of students and parents/guardians.
  2. Inherent Safety Issues of Moveable Soccer Goals:
    1. Moveable soccer goals have the potential to be pulled over or fall over. Therefore, moveable soccer goals present the risk of serious injury or even death.
    2. Nearly all soccer goal injuries occur during the time that the goals are unattended and not in use.
    3. The vast majority of deaths involve children younger than 14 years of age, with the cause of death attributed to blunt force trauma to the head, neck, chest and extremities.
  3. Public Access Soccer Goal Venues:
    1. Soccer goals located on School District property are for the exclusive use by the School District.
    2. Unauthorized use of any soccer goal shall be discouraged through signage that clearly states that the goals are School District property and that climbing on, hanging on, or playing around the goals is a safety hazard.
  4. Soccer Goal Anchoring Systems used by Northbrook School District 27: Anchoring systems used by School District 27 are consistent with those recommended by the goal manufacturer and/or vendor at the time of purchase. Anchoring systems currently in use include:
    1. Auger style
    2. Peg / Stake
    3. Sandbag / Counterweight
  5. Installation, Inspection and Storage of Soccer Goals Conducted by School District Facilities Staff on School District Property:
    1. Anchoring of moveable soccer goals is done by trained facilities staff members who have been authorized to do so. The Director of Facilities provides the training and authorization.
    2. Movement of soccer goals shall be done with an adequate number of facilities staff members.
    3. At no time is a soccer goal to be left unattended while unsecured.
    4. The recommended system for securing goals is to be followed at all times.
    5. While the soccer goals are in use, the facilities staff will conduct twice weekly inspections of these goals and related parts to confirm all parts are in proper working order and free of hazardous conditions. Should an issue with the goal or related part(s) be identified, immediate repairs are to be made by qualified facilities staff or the soccer goal is to be taken out of service.
    6. Should soccer goals be brought together to prevent unauthorized use during unsupervised times, the goals are to be chained and locked together as tightly as possible preventing unauthorized use.
  6. Pre-Season Student/Parental Notification:
    1. Parents/guardians of soccer players shall receive written notification of soccer goal safety hazards (See Attachment - Sample Letter).
    2. Soccer coaches shall use the content of this administrative procedure to educate students of the proper use of soccer goals and the hazards associated with them.
  7. Pre-Game Soccer Goal Inspections: It is the responsibility of the team coach to inspect the soccer goals immediately prior to the soccer match. The inspection includes the following:
    1. Confirmation that all anchors and counterweights (if used) are in place and that the soccer goals are on level ground;
    2. Confirmation that hardware and fasteners are secure;
    3. Confirmation that the soccer goal nets are free of tears or trip hazards;
    4. Confirmation that no sharp or jagged edges exist on fasteners or other hardware; and,
    5. Confirmation that warning labels are fully visible and legible.
  8. Soccer Goal Movement During Season: Should there be a need to relocate soccer goals during soccer season, the following protocol shall be utilized:
    1. The soccer goals shall be relocated exclusively by Northbrook School District 27 authorized facilities staff. Soccer goals shall not be moved by students or other staff members at any time.
    2. At no time shall soccer goals be unattended while unsecured.
    3. Movement of soccer goals shall be done with an adequate number of facilities staff members.
  9. Off-Season Storage of Soccer Goals:
    1. All moveable soccer goals during the off season shall have their nets removed.
    2. The soccer goals shall be moved to a designated location and chained together. The designated location shall be against the building, a fence, or other permanently mounted structure.

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Sample Letter


To: All Parents/Guardians of Soccer Players

It is our goal to have a safe soccer season. To that end, soccer goals should remain securely anchored to the ground and nets firmly attached to the goals.

In an effort to keep goals and nets secure and children safe, you are required to advise your children/soccer players and other persons accompanying you for whom you are responsible that movement of any soccer goal is strictly prohibited. Use of a soccer goal inconsistent with soccer-related activity, including but not limited to playing, climbing, or hanging on any part of the soccer goal is dangerous and strictly prohibited. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission, these activities can result in serious injury, including death.

If you observe any child inappropriately using a soccer goal or net, please ask the child to stop. If the activity continues, please notify a coach or referee as soon as possible. Players violating this rule may be asked to sit out, at the coach’s discretion. Spectators violating this rule may be asked to leave the premises.

Finally, if you see any soccer goal that is not anchored down or any net that is not firmly secured to the goal, please notify a coach or referee immediately.


LEGAL REFERENCE The Moveable Goal Safety Act, a/k/a Zach’s Law, 430 ILCS 145/, P.A. 97-234
ADOPTED August 23, 2012