Section 4:170

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November 2021

Operational Services

Safety and Security

All District operations, including the education program, shall be conducted in a manner that will promote the safety and security of everyone on District property or at a District event. The Superintendent or designee shall develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive safety and security plan that includes, without limitation:

  1. An emergency operations plan(s) addressing prevention, preparation, response, and recovery for each school, including control of infectious diseases.
  2. Provisions for a coordinated effort with local law enforcement and fire officials, emergency medical services personnel, and the Board Attorney
  3. A school safety drill plan
  4. Instruction in safe bus riding practices
  5. A clear, rapid, factual, and coordinated system of internal and external communication.

SEE ADDENDUM 1: District 27 Emergency Preparedness Plan

School Safety Drill Plan

During every academic year, each school building that houses school children shall conduct, at a minimum, each of the following in accordance with the School Safety Drill Act, 105 ILCS 128/:

  1. Three school evacuation drills
  2. One bus evacuation drill
  3. One severe weather and shelter-in-place drill
  4. One law enforcement lockdown drill to address a school shooting incident and to evaluate the preparedness of school personnel and students. This drill shall occur no later than 90 days after the first day of school of each year, and shall require the participation of all school personnel and students present at school at the time of the drill, except for those exempted by administrators, or school support personnel, or a parent/guardian.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The Superintendent or designee shall implement a written plan for responding to medical emergencies at the District’s physical fitness facilities in accordance with the Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Preparedness Act. The plan shall provide for an automated external defibrillator (AED) to be available according to State law requirements.

SEE ADDENDUM 2 – Administrative Procedure – Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at a Physical Fitness Center

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Superintendent or designee shall implement a plan with the District’s local fire officials to:

  1. Determine which school buildings to equip with approved carbon monoxide alarms or carbon monoxide detectors,
  2. Locate the required carbon monoxide alarms or carbon monoxide detectors within 20 feet of a carbon monoxide emitting device, and
  3. Incorporate carbon monoxide alarm or detector activation procedures into each school building that requires a carbon monoxide alarm or detector. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure each school building annually reviews these procedures.

SEE ADDENDUM 3 – Administrative Procedure – Carbon Monoxide Protocol and Response Plan

Lead Testing in Water

The Superintendent or designee shall implement testing for lead in each source of drinking water in school buildings in accordance with the Illinois Plumbing License Law and guidance published by the IDPH. The superintendent or designee shall notify parent(s)/guardian(s) about the sampling results from their children’s respective school buildings.

Soccer Goal Safety

The Superintendent or designee shall implement the Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act in accordance with the guidance published by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Implementation of the Act shall be directed toward improving the safety of movable soccer goals by requiring that they be properly anchored.

SEE ADDENDUM 4 – Administrative Procedure – Soccer Goal Safety and Education

Emergency Closing

The Superintendent is authorized to close school(s) in the event of hazardous weather or other emergency, including but not limited to infectious diseases that threaten the safety of students, staff members, or school property.

REFERENCE - Emergency Closing Procedures on District Website

First Aid for Injuries or Illness to Students or Staff While at School

The District shall employ a certified health aide for each of the school buildings as well as a Certified School Nurse for the District. The health aide shall administer first aid and emergency care in each school. In the event that the health aide is absent, every effort shall be made to secure a substitute health aide for the day.

In the event that neither a health aide nor the Certified School Nurse is available, first aide and emergency care shall be provided by the principal/administrator or by any other staff member trained in first aid.

Annual training/retraining in CPR, use of the AED, and emergency first aid shall be provided for all health aides, administrators, and physical education teachers. Annual training/retraining is also provided for any interested staff member.

Standard nursing procedures are maintained in each health office.

Facilities Management: Security

Responsibility for leaving the buildings in a secure condition must be clearly designated, and the understanding and cooperation of all staff members must be enlisted. Procedures for safeguarding building keys shall be developed and carefully observed. Exterior door keys and alarm entry codes shall be issued only to administrators and custodians and other persons according to regulations developed by the superintendent.

Provision shall be made for a security check of every building on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during vacation periods. Close liaison with the police shall also be maintained, and they shall be notified whenever an unlawful entry has occurred.

Video Monitoring of School Property


Northbrook School District 27 operates video monitoring systems for safety and security. This policy describes the School District’s video monitoring system and the safeguards that the School District has in place to govern the operation of the monitoring systems. The systems support the District’s goal of providing a secure environment and are intended to help prevent, deter and if necessary, investigate unauthorized activities. Recorded or contemporaneous video is accessible to District administrators and such access will be regulated by the Superintendent or designee. Video recordings generally will be maintained for 7 days unless required for the investigation of an incident.


With Board approval, the Superintendent or designee shall determine all locations where video cameras will be placed. Video cameras may be used to record activity in areas where individuals have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Cameras will be placed to monitor building exteriors and entrances.


Signs shall be posted near the main entrance of each building where video recording takes place to advise the public that their actions while on District property may be subject to video recording. Parents and students will be further notified of the District’s video monitoring through the parent/student handbook.

Facilities Management: Security: Vandalism

Precautions shall be taken to prevent vandalism of School District 27 buildings. Strategically placed exterior lighting shall be maintained to discourage nighttime incidents. The cooperation of neighbors in reporting questionable activities around the buildings should be sought.

When vandalism has occurred, it shall be reported to the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities and Operations and/or Director of Facilities, in that order. In most instances, the police will be notified. If the person causing the vandalism is apprehended, steps to secure restitution, including prosecution when appropriate, shall be taken.

Loss of and Damage to Equipment

In the event of loss or damage of classroom equipment, the principal or his/her designated authority shall be notified immediately. The principal shall fill out a report and forward it to the Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations for insurance report purposes. The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations shall pursue insurance recovery for any such loss or damages, as appropriate.

The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations will keep adequate records of the incident so that in the event the offenders are identified, they may be held responsible for all losses incurred.

Facilities Management: Safety: Traffic and Parking Controls

The District shall take measures designed to enforce the following requirements of the Northbrook Police Department:

"Vehicles must be kept at least 10 feet away from any exit, and must not be allowed to park in Fire Department access routes."

These areas shall be marked with signs and appropriate enforcement measures shall be taken.

Facilities Management: Records Facilities

The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations shall maintain accurate records pertaining to the construction or alteration of all district buildings, including blueprints showing the location of service lines or other details that might be involved in repair or remodeling.

He/she shall also maintain files of materials relating to major equipment purchases and any records that may be required for filing claims or reports.

Loss and Damage of Equipment

Each teacher is responsible for all school equipment assigned to his/her classroom. Students shall be given instructions on the proper use and care of such equipment.

If a teacher is found to be negligent in his or her responsibility for school equipment, reimbursement may be sought by the District for any losses incurred.

Annual Review

The Board or its designee will annually review each school building’s emergency operations and crisis response plan(s), protocols, and procedures, as well as each building’s compliance with the school safety drill plan. This annual review shall be in accordance with the School Safety Drill Act (105 ILCS 128/) and the Joint Rules of the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Illinois State Board of Education (29 Illinois Admin. Code Part 1500).

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  • Section 5:30 (Hiring Process and Criteria)
  • Section 8:30 (Visitors to and Conduct on School Property)
  • Section 8:100 (Relations with Other Organizations and Agencies)
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