Section 4:160

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February/March 2019

Operational Services

Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

The Superintendent shall take all reasonable measures to protect: (1) the safety of District personnel, students, and visitors on District premises from risks associated with hazardous materials, and (2) the environmental quality of the District’s buildings and grounds. Before pesticides are used on District premises, the Superintendent or designee shall notify employees and parents/guardians of students as required by the Structural Pest Control Act, 225 ILCS 235/, and the Lawn Care Products Application and Notice Act, 415 ILCS 65/.

Due to increasing environmental and health concerns, the General Assembly has required schools to have an “Integrated Pest Management Program” (IPMP) which attempts to prevent infestations and regulates usage of pesticides and herbicides.

  1. The maintenance staff of the School District shall make every effort to inspect, identify, monitor, evaluate, and control vermin and pests, as well as their method of entry within our buildings. The Director of Buildings and Grounds shall serve as the District’s “Integrated Pest Management Coordinator,” or IPMC.
  2. The District’s IPMC shall solicit and keep a list of parents, students, and staff members who wish to receive written notification prior to any application of pesticides to any school property, or herbicides on any school grounds. Such notification will take place a minimum of two business days prior to the application of the pesticide or herbicide, and must include the name of the chemical sprayed, the intended date of application, and the name and telephone number of the IPMC. Notification may take place via letters, newsletters, bulletins or calendars--whichever is most convenient for the School District. NOTE: The law does not require notification for use of antibacterial or antimicrobial agents, disinfectants, or deodorizers; nor insecticides such as ant, spider or bee spray; nor rodent/roach traps or baits.
  3. All pesticides/herbicides shall be stored in locations designated by the School District IPMC. Only chemicals registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may be approved, by the IPMC, for use.
  4. Staff may report vermin infestations using regular request for maintenance forms.
  5. The IPMC, or his designee, shall maintain a list of inspection, application, and extermination data in a central file.
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  • Section 4:150 (Facility Management and Building Programs)
  • Section 4:170 (Safety)
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