Section 4:115

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October 2014

Operational Services

Use of Private Vehicles on School Business

The Board recognizes there may be a need for some school employees to use their own automobiles for school purposes either regularly or occasionally. To safeguard the District, employees, and students in matters of liability, particularly as this relates to an employee transporting a student or students, the following policy shall be observed:

  1. To use a private vehicle for school purposes, the employee must have written permission of the director of business affairs, with approval of the superintendent.
    1. This permission may be in the form of a standing permit for employees who use their own cars regularly for school purposes. The permit shall state the particular purpose, and whether it includes transportation of students.
    2. For all special trips involving students, including field trips, a special permit must be obtained in advance for the specific trip. Written parental permission shall also be obtained in advance of the trip.
  2. Employees so authorized to use their cars for school business purposes shall be provided liability coverage by the District. This liability coverage shall be on an excess basis only. Primary liability shall be borne by the employee or vehicle owner's personal vehicle insurance coverage.
  3. The District shall assume no responsibility for liability in case of accident unless the employee has the authorization described above.
  4. The Board specifically forbids any employee to transport students for school purposes without prior authorization by the superintendent or his designee. This authorization shall be made only in an emergency.
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