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June 2021

School District Organization

School District Philosophy

Northbrook School District 27 serves the educational community by educating students to succeed in a changing world.
For all students, staff, and our community partners, we:
  • Pursue learning that develops individual growth, potential, and leadership to the fullest of our capacity;
  • Commit to performance excellence as a learning community;
  • Use performance results to honor accomplishments, determine needs, and improve learning experiences and achievements;
  • Share the responsibility to learn and work in a collaborative environment;
  • Adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior (both personal and organizational); and
  • Treat others with respect and value differences.
  • Outstanding Student Performance
  • Rigorous and Coherent Programs
  • Highly Qualified Staff
  • Social-Emotional Wellbeing
  • Safe Learning and Working Environment
  • Healthy Financial Position

This mission statement was developed by a steering committee of parents, teachers and community members. It was approved by the Board of Education on April 21, 2005.

The Board of Education shall, in cooperation with the administration, teaching staff, and members of the community, establish goals and objectives for an educational program that recognizes high academic expectations, social interaction, development of character, and good citizenship for all students.

It is the intent and purpose of the Board of Education of Northbrook School District 27 to provide a school environment which will contribute to the achievement by each child, in accordance with his/her age and abilities, of the following goals:

  1. An intellectual awareness of the world in which he or she is learning to live and of the skills required for a satisfying exploration of that world;
  2. A sense of purpose in his or her attitudes, and responsibility in his or her acts toward his or her peers and toward the larger community;
  3. An appreciation of his or her worth and potential in a society of diverse and competitive aspirations;
  4. Acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills; and
  5. Responsiveness to the expressions of the ideal in mankind's heritage and aspirations.

The Board will strive to provide the citizens of the community with the most complete and financially responsible educational program possible. Every effort will be made to:

  1. Employ the best personnel available.
  2. Provide the highest moral, ethical, and professional leadership.
  3. Make the best use of the facilities and finances which are provided by the taxpayers.

The Board of Education shall periodically, but no less than every ten years, review and revise these overarching goals and objectives for the children and the educational program. The Board shall convene a revision committee comprised of Board Members, administrators, and teachers to complete this task and submit a recommendation to the Board of Education for approval.

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  • Section 6:10 (Educational Philosophy and Objectives)
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