Board of Education Policies

The purpose of this policy manual is to outline the organization and administration of Northbrook School District 27 as well as to provide information for all employees and interested persons concerning policies currently in effect.

Knowledge of the organizational and administrative functions of our system and clear understanding of the conditions of appointment and service are essential. It is hoped that this policy manual will provide a ready aid to this knowledge and understanding.

This policy manual cannot be complete in all details, but it does not, by omission, restrict legislative or administrative authority. It is understood, whether expressed or not, that all policies contained in this manual are subject to state laws and regulations. The staff of the School District and interested citizens are encouraged to suggest additions or refinements.

The terms “Board of Education of Northbrook School District 27,” “Board of Education,” “School Board,” and “Board” as used throughout this policy manual are synonymous and interchangeable.

August 22, 2002

District Policy Manual