Board Briefs

Board Briefs, October 25, 2018

Illinois State Science Assessment Results

The Board of Education received a report on the results of the 2018 Illinois Science Assessments.

Dr. Katharine Olson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, reported that District 27 students performed extremely well on the tests when compared with other students across the State. All students in grades 5 and 8 are required to take the assessment each year.

In fifth grade, 81% of District 27 students achieved a "Proficient" rating on the assessment, compared to 52.5% of all students tested in the State. In eighth grade, 81% of District 27 students were rated as "Proficient," compared to 57.7% statewide.

District Schools Receive "Exemplary" ESSA Designation

Dr. Olson reported that next week the Illinois School Report Cards for District 27 schools will be released to our community as it has for many years. This year the report card will include a rating designation of achievement as part of the Illinois Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan. There are four designations “Exemplary,” “Commendable,” “Underperforming,” and “Lowest Performing.”  

Dr. Olson reported that every District 27 school received an “Exemplary” designation – the highest rating possible.  An “Exemplary” designation means that the school’s performance is in the top 10% of schools statewide, and it has no underperforming subgroups. We are pleased with this designation, and it is consistent with our performance in other state, national and local data and information we monitor.

Congratulations to all our schools and their staff for this exemplary work.

Tax Levy Reviewed

The District 27 Board of Education reviewed the Tentative 2018 Tax Levy at the October 25th Board Meeting.

The tax levy represents the 2017 Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 2.1% and an additional 1.88% for new and/or redeveloped property in the District. The total tax levy of 3.98% is an increase over the previous year's property tax extension for a total dollar amount of $27,483,734.

Key financial assumptions providing the context for the recommendations include the District's equalized assessed valuation (property values,) assessed valuation division by class, new property history, rate of inflation, and other economic factors that are impacting school funding.

District 27 continues to be in a strong financial position. This levy is part of a conservative approach to financial planning that allows the District to maintain excellence while seeking to use taxpayer dollars responsibly.

A public hearing on the 2018 Tax Levy will be held at 6:30 p.m. December 6th in the library at Wood Oaks Junior High School, 1250 Sanders Road.

Wood Oaks Graduation

The Board of Education announced the date of the Wood Oaks graduation as May 30, 2019. The ceremonies will be held at Glenbrook North High School.

Special Education Study

Superintendent Dr. David Kroeze presented the Board with an overview of the District's Special Education Study.

The District is engaging in the study in conjunction with the North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED). The study will include a review of programs and services offered through NSSED, an assessment of programs managed by District 27, and a determination of the future needs of our student population.

Dr. Kroeze also told the Board that in November the District will send satisfaction surveys  to parents of children who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). The surveys will help the District to confirm areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Recommendations from the study are expected to be presented to the Board of Education in May, 2019.

Visit by State Rep. Carrroll

Illinois State Rep. Jonathan Carroll attended the Board meeting and complimented the District on its educational programs. Carroll, who has children in District 27 schools, said he was "blown away" at the level of information his children bring home. 

"This speaks to the quality of the teachers working here, the administration, and the Board," he said. "You do phenomenal work."

In Other Action

  • The Board hired the following new employees: Carrie Schultz, instructional assistant at Wood Oaks; Maureen Burke, instructional assistant at Shabonee; and Shamiran Khoder, administrative assistant services. Board members also accepted the resignation of Robyn Franklin.
  • The Board approved the renewal of medical and dental coverage for employees through Blue Cross Blue Shield with a decrease in premiums of 2.4% in medical and .7% decrease in dental for the 2019 calendar year.