Northbrook School District 27

Board Briefs

September 17, 2020


New Teacher Reception

Prior to the start of the regular Board of Education meeting on September 17, the Board welcomed the District’s 11 new teachers during its New Teacher Reception:

  • Aisling Eccles, Reading/Language Arts, Wood Oaks

  • Alexandra Pena, Third Grade, Reading/Language Arts, Shabonee School

  • Amy Sacia, Fifth Grade, Reading/Language Arts, Shabonee School

  • Christopher Watts, Physical Education, Hickory Point

  • Jennifer Long, Math/Science, Wood Oaks

  • Jillian Kosmorsky, Kindergarten, Hickory Point

  • Leora Kurtz, Science, Wood Oaks

  • Maria Munoz, Spanish, Wood Oaks

  • Michelle Morrison, EL, Shabonee

  • Stephanie Smolen, Speech/Language, Wood Oaks

  • Tony Brogni, Social Studies, Wood Oaks

New Teacher Reception Sept. 17, 2020

Approval of the FY21 Budget

The Board took action to approve the FY21 budget which is set at $29.3 million. The current budget is a 2.8% increase over the FY20 budget and allocates $500,000 toward contingencies such as additional COVID-19 expenses, if needed. 

Intergovernmental Agreement with Northbrook Park District

An intergovernmental agreement was signed by the Board in regard to its partnership with the Northbrook Park District for the 2020-2021 school year. District 27 will be leasing space from the Park District’s Leisure Center, located at 3323 Walters Avenue, for in-person kindergarten instruction this school year. The additional space allows District 27 to provide an equally safe learning environment for its youngest students. The Northbrook Park District is expected to sign the agreement during its board meeting on September 23.