Board Briefs

September 5, 2019

Enrollment Report

Superintendent Dr. David Kroeze reported on the 2019 Fall Enrollment and discussed future projections.

The District's enrollment is 1,300. Enrollment at Hickory Point is 383, while Shabonee is at 438, and Wood Oaks is at 450. Enrollment is strong, and slightly exceeded our projection of 1,289 for this year. Dr. Kroeze said all grades continue to have class sizes within our preferred range of 17-23.

The District continues to experience an influx of new students. This year we have 116 new students, which Dr. Kroeze said is a positive sign that houses are turning over.

Enrollment is expected to rise over the next four years to a projected high of 1,341 by the year 2023-2024.

Fall 2019 Enrollment Report 

Start of the School Year Reports

The Board of Education also received a report on the start of the school year from the District's principals and assistant principals.

Their reports indicate the school year was off to a good start with many activities and a clear focus on learning and social/emotional development. The Board was also treated to a photo montage of the schools' opening day activities.

Dr. Theresa Fournier, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Student Services, reported on the opening in-service activities for teachers and staff.

Dr. Kimberly Arakelian, the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, reported to the Board on transportation. Issues with the buses during during the first days of school has been challenging, Dr. Arakelian said, but the situation is improving. The District is continuing to work closely with First Student to improve service.

Public Hearing on the Budget

The Board of Education held a public hearing on the 2019-2020 budget.
The total budget for FY20 is set at $28.5 million which is a 2.4% increase over FY19 budget. However, compared to actual expenditures, it is a .18% decrease. The current budget allocates $500,000 towards contingencies. Dr. Kimberly Arakelian, the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, reported to the Board a balanced budget.

A copy of the tentative budget is available for inspection at the District 27 offices, 1250 Sanders Road, through September 19th. The budget will be approved on September 19th.