Board Briefs

Board Briefs: November 18, 2021

Board Approves 2021 Tentative Tax Levy
The Board of Education reviewed and approved the 2021 Tentative Tax Levy during its regular meeting on November 18. The tentative levy represents the 2020 Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 1.4% and an additional 1% increase for new and/or redeveloped property in the District. The tentative levy of 2.4% is an increase over the previous year’s property extension for a total amount of $29,444,099. 

Key financial assumptions providing the context for the recommendation include the District’s equalized assessed valuation (property values), assessed valuation division by class (industrial, commercial and residential), new property history, rate of inflation, and other economic factors that are impacting school funding. District 27 continues to be in a strong financial position. This tentative levy, set for a public hearing on December 2 and up for Board approval on December 16, is part of a conservative approach to financial planning that allows the District to maintain excellence while seeking to use taxpayer dollars responsibly.

Report on Learning Renewal Interim Assessments
Dr. Katharine Olson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, provided the Board with an update on the Learning Renewal Interim Assessments which were administered in October for students in grades 6-8. Dr. Olson reported that student scores align with overall expectations and exceed expectations in some areas/grade levels. Student reports are in the process of being mailed home. 

Students are progressing well given that only one quarter of the school year had been completed at the time of testing, Dr. Olson said. The District will continue to analyze results and develop or implement targeted, standards-aligned tasks where appropriate to supplement lessons for monitoring student learning and informing instruction.

Enrollment Update
Dr. Theresa Fournier, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Student Services, provided the Board with an enrollment update. The District is staying within its preferred class size range of 17 to 23 students, Dr. Fournier reported, noting that kindergarten and first grade classes are trending toward the higher end of the preferred class size range. The District continues to closely monitor enrollment numbers and class sizes. Enrollment has remained stable with 1,335 students in the District.