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Northbrook School District 27

Board Briefs

May 21, 2020

Update on Tasks and Timelines for the Reopening of School

Dr. Kroeze updated the Board on the many tasks that are taking place to prepare the schools for reopening in the fall. He reported that two models are being developed. The first model is modified in-person attendance with physical distancing coupled with e-learning. The second is a full e-learning model. Dr. Kroeze shared the following:

  • We have administered a Parent Survey of how e-learning has gone this spring and have received helpful and specific feedback from our parents as Opportunities for Improvement.
  • We will be administering a student survey to all 2-8 grade students next week. 
  • We will also be sharing an Anticipated Student Attendance Survey with parents on May 29. The purpose of this survey is to gather preliminary data on whether parents will plan to send their child(ren) to school when we reopen in Phase 4.
  • We are conducting a Workforce Inventory of Staff. The purpose of this inventory is to gather information on each staff member's ability to report to work for in-person instruction. 
  • We are conducting six Q&A Zoom sessions from June 2-5. Information about these sessions will be contained in Dr. Kroeze’s Friday Message of May 22. 
  • We will create a mechanism to have two-way communication with parents in the summer and into the fall.
  • We will gather an Advisory Committee made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and Board Members. This Committee will help us refine the models for launching the 2020-2021 school year in light of COVID-19.

Our plan is to have the models prepared for the Board to review in June and approve by early July. We will then disseminate the plans to the parents following the Board’s approval. 

Summer Curriculum-Based Planning and Professional Development Presentation

Dr. Kathy Olson reviewed for the Board the major curriculum work and professional development that will take place this summer. 

Dr. Olson stated that our summer curriculum work will prioritize learning goals for all content areas and develop overall instructional plans in light of COVID-19. Additionally, staff will be trained on new curricular resources and instructional tools for delivering e-learning.

Other Board Action 

  • Accepted the Wood Oaks gift from the Class of 2020 of a $500 donation to Feeding America 
  • Approved the summer employment of custodial personnel
  • Accepted the retirement letter from Mrs. Mary Contento effective June 2020
  • Approved the non-certified staff salary increase of 1.5% for the 2020 - 2021 school year
  • Approved the summer curriculum work budget in the amount of $35,000
  • Approved the summer professional development budget of $9,360
  • Approved the Strategic Plan for 2020 - 2025