Board Briefs

PARCC Update

Dr. Katharine Olson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, provided an update on results from the 2018 PARCC assessment.

Once again, student performance on PARCC was extremely strong. Overall, the 2018 results for District 27 students far exceeded State scores. At individual grade levels, between 81% and 87% of the students met or exceeded State standards in English Language Arts. In Mathematics, 70 percent or more of our students in every grade level met or exceeded the State standards.

Percentages of Students Meeting/Exceeding State Standards on PARCC

  EnglishLanguage Arts Math
Grade   D27 Percentages State Percentages D27 Percentages State Percentages
3 85 37 79 38
4 81 39 73 32
5 82 36 81 31
6 81 34 71 27
7 87 40 71 30
8 86 36 72 29

Enrollment Report

Superintendent Dr. David Kroeze reported on the 2018 Fall Enrollment and discussed future projections.

The District's enrollment is 1,260. Enrollment at Hickory Point is 371, while Shabonee is at 420, and Wood Oaks is at 442. These are excellent school sizes, Dr. Kroeze added.

The District continues to experience an influx of new students. This year we have 117 new students, marking the seventh consecutive year that 100 or more new students joined the District.

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Start of the School Year Reports

The Board of Education also received a report on the start of the school year from the District's principals and assistant principal.

Their reports indicate the school year was off to a good start with many activities and a clear focus on learning and social/emotional development. The Board was also treated to a video montage of the schools' opening day activities.

Douglas Heurich, District 27's Director of Facilities, also presented a report on transportation and summer projects.

2018-2019 Tentative Budget Approved

The Board of Education approved the tentative budget for the 2018-2019 school year on July 19th.

The $27.9 million budget represents a 2.89% increase in operating expenses, of which $550,000 is allocated towards contingencies, compared to last year's budget. Dr. Kimberly Arakelian, the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, reported to the Board a balanced budget.

"The District remains in a healthy financial position," Dr. Arakelian said.

Dr. Arakelian said the District must continue to implement cost-containment measures, as well as monitor property tax freeze legislation, school funding reform, pension obligations, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

A copy of the tentative budget is available for inspection at the District 27 offices, 1250 Sanders Road, through September 27th. A public hearing will be held on September 6th, followed by adoption of the budget on September 27th.


Personnel Transactions 

The following staff members were hired during July and August:

  • Kathryn Bode, kindergarten teacher at Hickory Point,
  • Donna Drakopoulos, library assistant at Hickory Point,
  • Molly Kuhn, instructional aide at Wood Oaks,
  • Carolyn Serren, instructional aide at Shabonee,
  • Emily Macklin, long-term math sub at Wood Oaks,
  • Vishna Patel, long-term math sub at Wood Oaks, and
  • Robyn Franklin, administrative assistant for business services, District office.

Additionally, the Board accepted retirement requests from Karen Kornick (in 2023,) and Gerald Windels (in August, 2018.)