Board Briefs

April 29, 2021


Board Seats Three New Members

Three new Board members were sworn in on Thursday, April 29. These members are Dr. Gali Oren-Amit, Mr. Matthew Basinger, and Mr. Daniel Terrien. Superintendent Dr. David Kroeze thanked retiring members Ms. Helen Melnick, Ms. Laurie Garber-Amram, and Mr. Ed Feld for their many years of service to the Board. Mr. Alex Frum was sworn in as President and Ms. Melissa Copeland as Vice President.

Plan for Full In-Person Instruction with Exceptions for Medically Compromised Students

Dr. Kroeze told the Board at its April 29 meeting that the District is working on its initial plan for the 2021-2022 school year. If state guidance still calls for students being 3-6 feet apart at all times except for lunch (which is 6 feet), Dr. Kroeze said he believes the District will be able to accommodate all students for full in-person instruction this fall including having kindergarten students at Hickory Point School. There will be a need for additional lunch supervision. In addition, the District continues to look at options for accommodating medically compromised students remotely for the upcoming school year, he said.

Approval of FY21 Technology Plan and Budget

The Board of Education approved the District FY21 Technology Plan and budget in the amount of $991,000. The plan for this coming year includes a number of improvements for the schools:

  • Replacing network switches and wireless access points utilizing the federal E-Rate program
  • Installing two 10Gbps Illinois Century Network Circuits at no cost to the District
  • Continuing to implement with Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Operating under the Student Online Personal Protection Act
  • Replacing staff laptops at Hickory Point
  • Annual renewals and contracts

Other Board Action:

  • Approval of the Strategic Plan for 2021-2026
  • Approval of Student Fees for 2021-2022 
  • Approval of Contract Extension with Lakeshore Recycling for FY22-FY24
  • Approval of Voluntary Student Accident Insurance for FY22
  • Approval of Non-Certified Salary Contracts for FY22
  • Approval of Administrative Contracts for FY22