Mission Statement


"Educating Students to Succeed in a Changing World."


An Overview

Northbrook School District 27 is one of five elementary school districts in Northfield Township. After graduation, our students attend Glenbrook North High School.

District 27 has a long-standing tradition of educational excellence with students consistently performing well on state, national, and international assessments as well as in regional and state competitions. District 27 demonstrates excellence by other measures: strong parent support, high student attendance, sound financial standing, rigorous and coherent curriculua, highly qualified staff and multiple support programs for students. Through strategic planning, the District has articulated its key challenges, strategic objectives, goals and action plans.

DSC_0164Key Success Factors

District 27 measures the following five Key Success Factors to determine its overall success as an organization. We aim to keep each of these factors in focus and on target at all times. They are:

  • Outstanding student performance
  • Rigorous and coherent programs
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Safe, caring, and supportive learning environment
  • Healthy financial position

Our Core Values

The culture of District 27 embodies our six core values. These values guide the behavior we expected in our District and how our people work, make decisions, and accomplish our mission. For students, staff, and our community partners, we:

  • Pursue learning that developes individual growth, potential, and leadership to the fullest of our capacity
  • Commit to performance excellence as a learning community
  • Use performance results to honor accomplishments, determine needs and improve learning experiences and achievements
  • Share the responsibilty to learn and work in a collaborative environment
  • Adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior (both personal and organizational)
  • Treat others with respect and value differences

Core Competencies´╗┐

District 27 has developed three key core competencies that we believe are critical to sustaining the organization and enhancing our ability to fulfill our mission. These include: 1) A Culture of Collaboration; 2) Long-range Planning with an Unwavering Focus on the Future; and the skillful use of the Research Design and Improvement Model (RDIM) our Research and Design Implementation Model

  • A Culture of Collaboration – In all that we do we respect the diverse perspectives of everyone and seek to work collaboratively with our parents, staff, and students. Evidence of this competency is manifested in our planning, discussion, communication, and on-going relationships with all of our constituent groups.
  • Long-range Planning with an Unwavering Focus on the Future – We are well-aware that future planning is a critical factor in sustaining our organization. While the world is changing rapidly we must be agile in responding to these changes. In addition we must have a plan for what the future will look like for the District and for our students. We have developed long-range plans all key areas of the school district, and these plans are reviewed annually with input from our key constituents in an effort to modify and enhance our action plans. Throughout this Web site, you will see these plans and our commitment to keep you apprised on the future of the District.
  • Skillful use of the Research Design and Improvement Model (RDIM) – The RDIM is a five-step process that involves development and knowledge sharing, a decision to implement, implementation, evaluation, innovation, and organizational and personal learning. This model enables the District to design, evaluate, and improve all of its programs, services, and processes. The model proactively seeks innovations to sustain the organization and keep it future-focused.