Facts About District 27


  • Our 144 teachers have an average of 16.45 years of teaching experience and 86 percent hold a Master's degree or higher. 
  • In our most recent Satisfaction Survey, 98 percent of our parents feel their child's school performs well academically.
  • Our students scored in the top 4 percent nationwide in the 2015 NWEA tests in math and reading.
  • We have a unique Teacher Partnership program at Shabonee School. In this model, teachers work in partnership and share two classes of students.
  • All of our students have access to a wide variety of technology, from notebook computers to iPads.
  • All District 27 facilities have been completely renovated and meet all state health/life safety standards.
  • Each school has a dedicated nurse and a full array of staff devoted to student support services.
  • Our Fine Arts and elective programs have garnered local, state and national recognition.
  • The Board of Education has not asked taxpayers to vote for a referendum in more than four decades. For the last six years, the District has been recognized for outstanding financial reporting by national organizations.