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Dr. Kroeze's Response to Florida School Shooting

Posted on February 16, 2018

To District 27 Parents and Guardians,


As we face the aftermath of yet another tragic school shooting, I would like to share my voice with those expressing sympathies and prayers to all in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community in Florida. These senseless acts of violence in schools shakes all of us to the core.


Here in District 27, we make the safety of our children and our staff a top priority. We have a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan, EPP, in place to help guide our school community through any kind of emergency. Most recently we have enhanced our plans to include active intruder training. Just last month all members of the staff engaged in a half-day of intensive training by experts on how to respond to an active intruder in their buildings. Although thinking about an intruder in one of our District 27 schools is frightening, incidents such as the one in Florida demonstrate why we all must be prepared.


Concurrently, our District has initiated a Township-wide Emergency Collaborative based on our EPP which includes our Township elementary school districts, the Northbrook and Glenview Park Districts, private schools, and community organizations. The plan has the full support of the Northbrook and Glenview Police and Fire Departments. The purpose of this collaborative relationship is to have one unified emergency protocol and to provide mutual aid to our neighbors. A township-wide training was held last week for representatives from our area school districts, park districts, and community organizations. Our relationship with Northbrook Police and Fire has never been stronger and well-coordinated.


Every day, we work to ensure that our students are safe and well-educated. These are key priorities. Please be assured we will continue our diligence to ensure our schools are safe, warm, and caring places to learn.




David J. Kroeze, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools