Ravinia Health Program

Description of the Program

This program allows participants to administer a take-home RT-PCR test via nasal or oral swab. The tests are free of cost, with or without insurance, for all students, staff, and District families who register. The test kits are taken home for specimen collection and returned to school the following day. Insurance information is requested but not required. Anyone who accidentally receives a bill from insurance should contact Ravinia Health directly; the bill will be waived.
Each week on Mondays, students in the Ravinia program will receive the test kits labeled with their name. The completed tests are brought back to the school on Tuesdays. (If there is no school on Monday, the kits will be distributed on Tuesdays and will need to be returned on Wednesday.) The tests are shipped immediately to the lab and take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours for results. Ravinia Clinical Labs emails each family directly with results, positive or negative, as well as the respective school nursing staff.

New this year, Ravinia Health is requiring that each testing participant completes a consent form each week of testing. 

Program enrollment is not carried over from the previous school year. 

Please email info@nb27.org if you have any questions.

How to Participate in the Program

Register for Ravinia Health testing
(form required 1x per year)

Consent to Ravinia Health testing
(form required weekly)

Step By Step Guide

Click the image below to view the instructions as a PDF.

Step by Step Self Screening Guide from Ravinia Health