Northbrook School District 27

Safety Protocols

Disclaimer: Northbrook School District 27 reserves the right to amend its safety protocols throughout the school year based on evolving guidance from local and state health departments.


Based on revised CDC and state protocols, effective February 28, 2022 masks are recommended but not required for all students and staff in District 27 buildings, with some exceptions where masks are required. 

Masks will continue to be required in the following settings: 
  • The federal requirement to wear a mask in healthcare settings means that masks must be worn in the health office. 
  • When a person who tests positive for COVID-19 returns on day 6 must wear a mask on days 6-10; if not, they must continue to isolate for 10 days (returning on day 11).
  • Additionally, masks may also be requested by a teacher or staff member at times when three (3) feet of social distancing during instruction cannot be maintained.
  • Masks will be required in instances where there is an immunocompromised individual in order to meet ADA requirements for students and staff.

We ask that students bring a mask to school each day so they can be used when appropriate. Masks will also be available to all students and staff who need them.

Top 5 FAQs

Q. Are face masks required?
No, face masks are optional in most situations in a school setting. Governor Pritzker has stated that masks will be optional for schools beginning Monday, Feb. 28. This is in response to new guidance from the CDC that recommends masking in schools only in areas of high transmission. Based on new key metrics, Cook County is considered low transmission.
Q. What are exceptions to wearing a mask?
There will be some cases in which masks will be required such as in the school health office and in situations where students or staff have ADA requirements. Staff may also ask students to temporarily wear a mask when working in close settings. We encourage all students to bring a mask to school in case it is needed. We are also requiring that all parent volunteers wear a mask while helping serve lunch to students.
Q. Can my child continue to wear a mask to school?
Anyone who wishes to continue wearing a mask in school is free to do so, and we will respect and support each family’s decision. Situational masking may still be required in some circumstances, including when visiting the school nurse and participating in instruction in close proximity.
Q. How will you support my child in wearing a mask?
We have developed a series of instructional and guidance materials that promote kindness and respecting each other’s choices, beginning with the start of the school day Feb. 28, 2022, the first day that mask optional is in effect. Here are parent tips on helping your child adapt to this change. We will install signage in the building to support this shift and will create a culture and expectation of kindness and tolerance throughout the learning experience. Teachers, however, cannot track, nor enforce parental choice in the wearing of masks in their classrooms.
Q. What are the safety protocols for transportation?
Face masks are optional on bus transportation. We will continue to require only two students to a seat. We will have masks available to students on buses.
District 27 Safety Protocols infographic revised February 28, 2022.

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