Safety Protocols

Disclaimer: Northbrook School District 27 reserves the right to amend its safety protocols throughout the school year based on evolving guidance from local and state health departments.

2021-22 Opening of School Plan (PDF)

Top 5 FAQs

Q. Are fully vaccinated students and staff required to wear face masks?

Yes, all students and staff are required to wear face masks, regardless of vaccination status as recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control, Illinois Department of Public Health, and Cook County Department of Public Health.
Q. How do I submit my student’s COVID-19 vaccination information?
The District has created a COVID-19 Vaccination Form for parents to voluntarily submit their student’s vaccination information. This information helps expedite our contract tracing process.  *** Note that a vaccination series must be fully complete (2 doses) before the card is submitted.
Q. What type of face masks are required?

Face coverings must cover one’s mouth and nose, and fit snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps. Face coverings should have two or more layers. The use of gaiters, athletic face coverings, or neck warmers is not allowed. Face coverings with valves are not permitted. 
Q. Will the school be conducting COVID-19 testing?
Yes, the District will be implementing weekly, voluntary screening through a state-sponsored saliva testing program for unvaccinated students and staff using the SHIELD Illinois test, a PCR test developed by the University of Illinois with a 24-hour turnaround time. Saliva collection will take place at school during school hours. This program will help detect potential cases, clusters, and outbreaks before they become widespread.
Additional SHIELD testing resources:
Q. Can I opt my child out of COVID-19 testing at school?
The program is opt-in only. Students will not be included unless we receive a consent form. That being said, testing is required for students participating in school-sponsored sports. Student athletes who do not receive testing consent will not be permitted to participate in these athletic activities.
Q. Can vaccinated students participate in SHIELD testing?

We have been advised by University of Illinois that this program is for currently for unvaccinated individuals only, in order to keep the program manageable across thousands of state school districts. However, we will accept consent forms from vaccinated individuals to be added to our waitlist in case the program does expand to allow for vaccinated individuals to be tested as well. 

District 27 Safety Protocols infographic

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