Northbrook School District 27

Ravinia Health Program

Description of the Program

This program allows students and family members to administer a take-home RT-PCR test via nasal or oral swab. These tests are free to the Northbrook District 27 community, voluntary and are considered highly accurate. The test kits would be taken home for specimen collection and returned to school the following day. Our hope is that this testing process will be less disruptive to our instructional time and can soon replace SHIELD testing. We will continue SHIELD testing while we assess the Ravinia process.
Each week on Mondays, students in the Ravinia program will receive the test kits labeled with their name. The completed tests would be brought back to the school on Tuesdays and dropped in collection boxes near the inside entrances to each school. (If there is no school on Monday, the kits will be distributed on Tuesdays and will need to be returned on Wednesday.) The tests would then be shipped immediately to the lab and take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours for results. Zenix Labs will email each family directly with results, positive or negative, as well as the respective school nursing staff.

Although COVID transmission rates are dropping in the area, this new testing program will provide continued security to our families and staff. Please email if you have any questions.

How to Participate in the Program

If you do not participate in the at-school SHIELD testing program and would like to participate in the Ravinia program, please sign up by clicking the appropriate link below. 

Student sign up - Please note that these tests are free so please click the box indicating “no insurance.” When you sign up, your child will be given the number of test kits requested by your family.

Household member sign up

Step By Step Guide

Click the image below to view the instructions as a PDF.

First page of the PDF file: Student_Staffnorthbrook_step_by_stepguide

Note: The QR code on the page directs you to the Student Sign Up form. If you need a household member form, use the link on the left.