Self-Certification Health Questionnaire

Click the link below to fill out the Self-Certification Health Questionnaire:

Self-Certification Health Questionnaire

Self-Certification Instructions for Parents/Students

Self-Certification Instructions (PDF)

  1. Open up a web browser (Chrome, FireFox etc.) on a computer or mobile device.
  2. Navigate to which can also be found on the District 27 website under the 2020-2021 School Year Tab. 
Screenshot of the login page for the Daily Self-Certification Survey


  1. Type in your student’s ID Number (found on the front of their ID card).
  2. Type in your student’s date of birth in 01/01/2020 format.
  3. Click “Sign In.”
  4. You should see your student’s name, ID, and today’s date at the top of the screen.
  5. Answer the four questions and click “Confirm.”
Screenshot of COVID-19 related questions in order to be allowed to go to school


  1. Answering “Yes” to any of the questions will result in a message telling you your student should not attend school today. Please contact your student’s school office to notify them.

  2. If all answers are “No,” then your student will be ready to attend school today.
Screenshot of form completion and confirming that I can go to school today!
10. Click “OK.” Your student will be checked in and ready to go!