Students work on ADHD simulation using large pencils and paper

Accepting and Celebrating Differences Day

Seventh graders at Wood Oaks went through simulations designed to show them what others with disabilities struggle with every day. In this ADHD simulation, students had to solve problems using large pencils and amidst a lot of distraction.

Students try to draw a mirror image to simulate vision perception issues.

In the Visual Motor/Visual Perception simulation, students had to draw a mirrored imaging using their non-dominant hand.

Sign: Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.

In the English Language Learner simulation, Ms. Janiga demonstrated the difficulties of comprehension for non-English speakers.

Lloyd Bachrach shows off his muscles

Motivational speaker Lloyd Bachrach also spoke to seventh graders about respecting differences. Mr. Bachrach was born with a congenital bone deficiency which left his legs unusually small. He learned to build up his upper body for strength.

Bachrach shows students his prosthesis as kids look in awe.

He competed in sports all through school and became a champion gymnast. Mr. Bachrach was also a member of the U.S. Paralympic team. For a story and video on "Accepting and Celebrating Differences Day," click on this photo.