Bucket of water falls over principal after boy strikes a target

Water, Water, Everywhere

The staff at Shabonee are such good sports for participating in the annual Dunk Tank event on the last day of school. Here, Mr. Panozzo waits for the bucket to empty over his head.

Teacher covers her face as water pours over her head

Students hit a target with a softball, causing a bucket of water to spill over the staff member. Students were chosen at random from among those who earned Dolphin Dollars for good behavior.

A teacher waits for the water to fall

Mrs. Williams eagerly anticipates the onslaught of water.

Another teacher covers her eyes and face from the onslaught of water

Students could choose any staff member to dunk. The staff member, in turn, set the distance the student could stand from the target and the number of attempts.

A teacher hugs a student after the student dunked her

Mrs. Farris gives a student a hug after being dunked.

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