Second grade students sit in desks at an old school house at The Grove. Photo looks old.

Lessons in History

Hickory Point second graders took a step back in time this month as they visited The Grove Schoolhouse in Glenview. The students in this photo are from Mrs. O'Connor's class.

Two girls read passages from a book.

The students wore name tags that identified them as children from the 19th century whose parents had settled in the area. These girls were reading from a book.

Two other girls read from a book.

The students read out loud from different parts of the book, depending on their grade levels.

The Grove Schoolhouse teacher puts a bucket over a kid's head. He is smiling.

Another student played the role of a child who was in trouble with the teacher, Miss Boyden, for calling another student a name.

Two boys playing with a wooden toy.

The students also had the opportunity to play with toys commonly used by the pioneer children. Although the toys didn't have remotes or computer screens, the students seemed to enjoy the simple fun.