Photo of two kids coloring

Postcards and Dolphins on Parade

Students are learning about Chicago art and architecture in their art classes at both Hickory Point and Shabonee. These Hickory Point students are creating a backdrop for their Chicago-themed postcard.

photo of two girls coloring and example of Chicago-style postcard

An example of the postcard can be seen in the photo to the left. To the right, two students work intently on their backgrounds in Mrs. Lovisetto's class.

photo of a girl coloring inside her dolphin art

Remember the Cows on Parade art exhibit in Chicago? Students in Mrs. Keene's and Mrs. Hoffman's art classes are creating their own projects using dolphins!

Photo of a boy coloring his dolphin and example of dolphin art

The students made patterns within their dolphins and are filling them in with color. An example of a completed dolphin can be seen to the right.

Photo of boy coloring his dolphin artwork