A girl works on her wheelchair wheel cover

Wheeling into Art

The unique art work of Shabonee fifth graders will be on display at the Northbrook Public Library in May. The art work is inspired by Izzy Wheels, an Irish company that provides colorful wheel covers for wheelchairs.

A closeup of two of the wheels created by students

Izzy Wheels was founded by two sisters, Ailbhe and Izzy Keane. Izzy is confined to a wheelchair. Izzy’s sister designed wheel covers that express a wheelchair user’s personality. The covers turn an ordinary medical device into a piece of fashion and art.

 A boy works on his design

Fifth graders in Mrs. Hoffman's and Mrs. Keane's art classes have been decorating round pieces of art board with colorful designs.

Four boys are seen working on their projects

An example of some of the artwork

The artwork will be at the library from May 1st through May 20th. You can also see samples of the work at Shabonee in a display case near the art room.