Summer Around District 27

Ever wonder what happens in our schools during the summer break? Lots! Teachers meet at times throughout the summer for professional development. Shabonee fourth grade teachers are seen in this photo.


Mr. Werth has spent his summer getting Shabonee's technology ready for the new school year.


At Hickory Point , a new classroom was added just east of the library (next to Ms. Ladopoulos' room.)


The classroom was created from the cluster of offices that were near the front foyer. As you can see in the photo at left, the offices are gone. Two offices (one can be seen on the right) were built on both sides of Mrs. Heaser's office in the library.


At Wood Oaks, new Chrome books have been delivered and are being stored until they are made ready for students.


Staff members also learned about using a 3D printer over the summer and made a few objects during test runs. Students will have the opportunity to work on 3D printers in a new STEAM class at Wood Oaks.