Learning about District 27

Members of the Northbrook real estate community listen to Wood Oaks Student Council President Danny B. during the District 27 Realtors' Reception.


Dr. Jennifer Warner, long-time member of the District 27 Board of Education, also spoke. The reception is a way for the realtors to learn more about our District 27 schools and programs.


As an added bonus, the visitors were treated to music provided by the Wood Oaks Jazz Band.


Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day and Earth Week, students involved in The Green Team at Shabonee School participated in several projects to help educate others about reducing pollution.


The students made large signs that were on display in the pickup lanes at both Hickory Point and Shabonee encouraging parents to turn off their cars while waiting.


They also used rocks to make displays of things kids can do that are good for the planet. Students at both Hickory Point and Shabonee also made signs for the back of their cars encouraging drivers not to idle.